a sample of our sites

multi-award-winning educational site for OneBag.com, a travel information resource

storefront site for The Deceptionary, a small retailer

reference site for the Psychic Entertainers Association, a professional organization

small promotional site for platform speaker Doug Dyment

personal site for Doug Dyment

training tool site for Real Kana, a learning resource for the Japanese hiragana and katakana syllabaries

Elegant, Literate, Functional Web Site Designs & Implementations

Successful ventureslarge and smallhave convincing Web sites, communicating their stories to today’s marketplace. We build such sites.

At Webtechnics, we believe in Albert Einstein’s dictum (and trust he would approve of our slight paraphrasing) that a [Web site] should be as simple as possible, but no simpler. In the constant pursuit of such elegant designs, we combine expertise in computer science, writing, copyediting, graphic design, marketing, sales, and education, providing a full service spectrum to those in pursuit of high quality Web sites. More than merely implementing such sites, we help our customers decide what they should contain, and how that content should be organized and presented.

An effective Web site is also a literate one, crafted to present you in your best light, thus free of tortured grammar, butchered punctuation, and careless typos. Not to mention thinkos. Such flaws raise red flags for many readers, exposing a telling lack of professional care. So while our bookshelves hold the expected computer and design reference texts, they also accommodate dictionaries, Modern English Usage, and the Chicago Manual of Style.

( It’s possible to create a book with little more than a word processor, laser printer, and comb binding machine, though the result is unlikely to make the bestseller lists; for that, you need skilled writers, editors, typographers, graphic artists, layout designers, printers, binders, an effective delivery system, and a strong dollop of marketing. For Web sites, the requisite tasksalong with their associated taskmastersare not notably different, although engineers and programmers substitute for the printers and binders. )

All else is for naught, however, if a Web site is not a strongly functional one, efficiently and effectively serving its intended need. From a basic brochure-style site (using HTML / CSS / JavaScript / etc.) to a full-fledged e-commerce one, with databases and server-side scripting (using PHP / Perl / MySQL / etc.), Webtechnics works to ensure that your public presence is the best it can possibly be. Because you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

For those just starting out, we can explain how all this technology works, and suggest quality hosting services with surprisingly low costs. We even provide fully managed hosting services ourselves, relieving you of all concerns over technical issues. For those growing a business, we can help to deploy search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to make your Web presence more visible, and assist with storefronts and order processing. And for more ambitious e-commerce applications, we understand the inner workings of databases and servers, and how best to optimize and manage them.

Elegance. Literacy. Functionality. Let us help craft your thoughts into an effective Web site. You can reach us conveniently